Save Money on your Energy Bills

Residents are joining together to save money on their energy bills.

What is the Big Switch?

The Big Switch is a collective energy switching scheme that uses people power to try to secure cheaper energy bills for residents. Daventry District Council is working with switching partner iChoosr in this bid to help people switch to a better deal.

How much can I save?

Since its launch, the scheme has helped more than 1,000 homes across Daventry District save an average of £232 on their energy bills. Many people have saved far more!

Register for FREE… You will need your annual electricity and gas bills to register.

Visit the website or call 01327 871100

4 easy steps to switching energy provider in our Big Switch auction

Step One: Register for free. Anyone who pays a household energy bill can register for FREE for the scheme. There are a number of ways you can register and it’s an easy process, but you will need a copy of a recent energy bill or annual statement to complete the process.

Step Two: Sit back, relax. Once registration has closed, our switching partner iChoosr will invite energy companies to offer their best tariff to everyone in the scheme in a reverse auction process.

Step Three: Consider the offer. You will then receive a personal offer tailored to your household on the new tariff secured by the scheme. This will use the information you gave when registering to tell you how much you could save by switching. We cannot guarantee that everyone will save money. It depends on your current tariff arrangements.

Step Four: Make a decision. You will have until the end of the current auction round to decide whether you want to switch or not. There is no obligation to accept the offer and no fees or charges.

School Parking Advice

School Parking Advice

Daventry Neighbourhood Police Teams

School traffic at start of new academic year

At the start of the school year there will be children attending new schools transported by parents unfamiliar with the usual congestion associated with the morning school run. As such this is a good time to remind people of the following considerations to ease some of these issues;

  • Park with consideration to residents – do not block or overlap driveways.
  • Do not park on the corners of junctions as you reduce views and make it awkward for vehicles to safety turn into or out of a street.
  • Do not park across or impede pedestrian crossings or school zig-zag markings.
  • Do not drive along pavements when a road is blocked – be patient and wait for traffic to clear.
  • On congested routes plan ahead and do not proceed unless there is a clear space to use to give way to oncoming traffic or to allow traffic to give way to you.
  • Allow larger vehicles, such as buses, enough space to turn into or out of roads.
  • If possible join with other parents and share journeys to reduce the number of vehicles used and/or avoid congested routes.
  • Please be patient where a car has to cross a pavement to exit a carpark. The driver’s view may be restricted and this will be further reduced by pedestrians congregating whilst waiting to pass.
  • Be aware that children do not easily judge the speed of traffic and may step out into the road. 20 or 30mph may be the limit but generally much slower speeds are required.
  • Pedestrians, especially with young children, should use the side of the road with the widest pathway and wherever possible protected from flowing traffic by barriers or parked cars. “Why should we have to cross and use the other side of the road?” – If it’s the safest option in any situation then it’s worth doing! A large number of children using a narrow path will always be at risk no matter how busy the road.

The above list is not exhaustive and there will be occasions where people make errors of judgement, especially under pressure. We are all human so please be patient. Police officers will monitor where they can, however there are a large number of schools across the Daventry area all experiencing the same issues.

Message Sent By
Steve Sangster (Police, Community Support Officer, Daventry & South Northants)