Meeting to Discuss Closure of Shop & Post Office

Hello All,

Planning Application PD/2016/0085

A planning application has just been entered with Daventry on the above number to change the use of the High Street Stores to a dwelling by the owner. I understand this will not go to a planning committee meeting (but I stand to be corrected).

No discussion has been made with Graham as to the owner’s intentions and his position as shop keeper renting the premises, but it is clear the owner wants the shop shut.

The Parish Council about 3 years ago put in an application with Daventry to register the shop as a ‘Community Asset’ which should last until 2018, but as a precaution last meeting we decided to renew that status to protect it further and us and to hopefully keep it running.

The applicant has stated that the PO is due to close, that is not the case and it now has ‘Community Status’ so will not close so long as someone is there to run it. The applicant has also stated the shop makes no profit, stating this as a reason to close it. Whether it does or not is no business of his and is not a relevant reason to force closure.

I am calling an emergency planning committee meeting of the Parish Council to discuss this in public, If the PO were to close it would have very far reaching implications for everyone in Yelvertoft, and the shop as a convenience will also be missed by all those who use it.

I am suggesting that everyone in the village should object to Daventry about this application and not permit it to go ahead, and I ask for your support in this by writing to Daventry and/or supporting our meeting so that we understand what level of support we have from the residents of Yelvertoft.

If Graham should decide to leave the shop at any time, it is the Parish Council’s desire to keep it (or some form of shop) going, and I will suggest that should that happen we will try to find ways at least in the short term to maintain the service and the PO for the community benefit. This until such time as something permanent can be arranged.

Please come along to the Reading Room at 7.30pm on Thursday 26th January 2017 to give us your views.  

Will you please let your friends and colleagues know about this, please be certain if the PO closes you will be trekking to Northampton to collect your parcels (as they have to in West Haddon).

Best regards

Geoff Holmes

Street Lights Repaired

We are pleased to announce that all street lighting has now been repaired, or had a temporary replacement fitted until the new lighting arrives.  However, the light at the top of Elkington Road/High Street that has caused a lot of problems over the last year could not be fixed as the fuse has blown in the metal box which the contractors could not get open. They could not apply further force in the heavy rain as it was so close to the power lines. Please bear with us with this one.

Free Advertising for your events

Daventry Calling magazine is delivered to households district-wide. If you have any events you want advertised then email them to .  They will also be added to the events page on their website and some will be included on the Love Daventry ‘What’s On page’.  Please also send any relevant pictures you may have – a picture from the same event last year, of the band or choir if it is a concert, or maybe a nice photograph of the venue. It all helps them to improve the design of the spread.

Community Safety

The CSP brings together a range of agencies to tackle problems in the area and is currently running four multi-agency tasking groups: anti-social behaviour and hate crime; domestic abuse; road issues (such as speeding, parking); rural crime issues. If you are experiencing any problems you can contact

Male Thief Wanted

Below is a cctv still of a male believed to be responsible for a number of thefts from the donation tube at Ashby St Ledgers Church. Six times in the last six months the church has been targeted and on each occasion the MO has been the same, differing only after cctv was installed as the MO now includes knocking the cameras out so they do not record. The IP thinks the male may be linked to a silver VX Astra as one has been seen nearby in suspicious circumstances on a previous occasion. I’m also aware of a similar job in Braunston (old now) but am sure it’s the same male as there are stills with this crime also that appear to be the same male. Does anyone recognise this male? Occurrence number is  17000007846.