Armed Forces Support

Council’s support for armed forces sessions

Past and present members of our armed forces are being invited to join a new Veterans’ Breakfast club in Daventry.

The sessions will be held at the New Street Café (next to Tesco) on the fourth Wednesday of each month in order to give veterans as well as current service personnel an opportunity to socialise in a relaxed, safe environment.

The sessions will run from 9.30am to midday, starting on Wednesday 24 April, and will operate alongside a support group held by the Royal British Legion to offer advice to people currently serving in the armed forces, veterans and their families.

Daventry District Council is working in partnership with the Royal British Legion, Daventry District Welfare Foundation, and the New Street Café on the scheme.

Chris Ward, of the Daventry Branch of the Royal British Legion, said: “Adjusting to life after serving in the armed forces can be difficult. Many veterans are left feeling isolated, so the aim of the club is to return that sense of belonging and to provide a place for veterans and service personnel to relax and socialise with each other.

“The breakfast club will run alongside our monthly support group, so I look forward to welcoming local members of our armed forces community to the sessions.”

Councillor Alan Hills, Portfolio Holder for Community, Culture and Leisure on Daventry District Council, said: “Daventry District Council is a proud partner of Armed Forces Covenant Northamptonshire, which provides information and advice on support services available within the county for the Armed Forces community and their families.

“As part of that we are always keen to find ways in which we can help support our local armed forces community, so we are very pleased to be working alongside the Royal British Legion, and The New Street Centre on this initiative.”

More information on the support services offered by the Royal British Legion can be found at or by phoning their contact centre, which is open seven days a week from 8am to 8pm on 0808 802 8080.

For more information about Armed Forces Covenant Northamptonshire visit the website.


For further information please contact:

Ian O’Pray, Media Officer at Daventry District Council, on 01327 302310 or email Daventry District Council is a local authority providing essential public services for Daventry District, supporting the daily needs of residents, businesses and visitors. To find out more visit

European Elections

Preparations under way for European election

People living in Daventry District have until Tuesday, 7 May to register to vote in the European Parliamentary election scheduled to take place next month.

Daventry District Council is making preparations for the polling day on Thursday, 23 May following the latest agreement by the European Union and UK to extend the Brexit deadline to the end of October.

Residents are reminded that there are no local council elections in Daventry District on 2 May after they were postponed by the Government for a year in the light of proposals to restructure councils in Northamptonshire. Any polling cards they receive in the coming weeks will be for the European election only.

The deadline for registering to vote in time for the European parliamentary election is midnight on Tuesday, 7 May.  Those registering to vote for the first time can do so online.

Anyone unsure if they are registered, or who has recently moved house should contact the Council’s Electoral Services team on 01327 871100 or email

Postal vote applications need to be completed and sent to DDC’s Electoral Registration Officer by 5pm on Wednesday 8 May.

Applications to vote by proxy – when some votes on your behalf – must be received by DDC’s Electoral Registration Officer by 5pm on Wednesday 15 May, though if an elector falls ill or is called away on business after that date, they may be able to apply up to 5pm on 23 May.

To request an application form for a postal or proxy vote call 01327 871100 or email


For further information please contact:

Ian O’Pray, Media Officer at Daventry District Council, on 01327 302310 or email Daventry District Council is a local authority providing essential public services for Daventry District, supporting the daily needs of residents, businesses and visitors. To find out more visit

Speeding in Yelvertoft

Residents in Yelvertoft are worried about speeding vehicles. With your support the Parish Council wants to continue with Community Speedwatch to tackle this danger.

Volunteers can be properly trained to use the calibrated speed gun, as used by police forces. We can’t fine motorists we find speeding but they will get a warning letter from the police as a reminder, and if necessary a visit from the police.

We will also get signs reminding people to slow down and interactive devices that will display the speed of a vehicle for drivers to see.  All of this is designed to educate and make drivers aware of speeding in our community.

Evidence collected from Speedwatch can be used by the Parish Council in any discussions with the County Council over possible traffic calming methods.

We need your help

We need adult volunteers to help with Yelvertoft Community Speedwatch if we are to continue so we are asking for your help.

If you are interested then contact the Clerk and register your interest at

The next training day is 15th June 2019.

Thank you.

Flood Works in Yelvertoft

The Environment Agency will shortly commence essential maintenance works to the Yelvertoft Flood Storage Area during Spring 2019.

The flood storage area is made up of a number of Environment Agency managed assets including embankments, walls, culverts and a control/spillway structure. It is essential that all of these components are maintained to an acceptable standard to prevent issues occurring when the flood storage area is in use.

Late last year, issues with various parts of the flood storage area were identified by one of our asset inspectors. At this point we moved quickly to assess the work required to ensure the asset continues to perform correctly during flood events.

The work, which is being undertaken by our contractors Breheny, is due to commence on the 11th of March. We will begin by clearing vegetation and setting up our working area. Following this, work will take place on the control/ spillway structure, culvert headwalls and the flood wall along Crick Road. The final stage of the project will be the maintenance work on the existing embankments.

These works are not associated with, nor will impact upon, the initial assessment being undertaken to investigate the potential for future schemes surrounding the flooding in Yelvertoft.

If you would like further information regarding this maintenance work please do not hesitate to contact John Conniff (FCRM Advisor) on


Allotments Available


Would you like an allotment in Yelvertoft? Many available at only £12 p.a. The perfect time of year to start. Please do let us know if you would like a plot.

Oil Thefts


Two residents in Styles Place and one in Clay Coton have had their heating oil stolen recently and they believe it’s not the first time. Can everyone please be vigilant and make sure their tanks are securely locked.

Rewarding Vacancy

Would you be interested in applying for a very rewarding position whereby you can really help and make a difference to the community?

Do you live in Yelvertoft?  You could have your say in:

  • Future planning & developments
  • Condition of the highways and pavements
  • Grass cutting and planting
  • What the tax payer’s money is spent on
  • The way the village looks
  • Plus lots more!

If this interests you then why not become a Parish Councillor.  We meet 10 times a year in the Reading Room on Monday evenings.

Interested?  Then please do contact Samantha Haywood, the Clerk, on 07341 133189

or email for further information.


Yelvertoft has been awarded a 20% share of the Lilbourne Windfarm community fund which amounts to £2,000 p.a. from 2015 to 2040.  The Parish Council need to apply annually detailing how we plan to spend the grant and welcome applications from organisations within Yelvertoft.

Deadlines for applications annually is 31st January.

An application form can be obtained from the Clerk by emailing her –

Give your views on name for proposed new council  

Media Release 1 November 2018

People in Daventry District are being encouraged to suggest possible names for a proposed new unitary council covering West Northamptonshire.

The Government is currently considering plans to replace the county council and seven current districts and boroughs with two new unitary authorities in Northamptonshire – one in the west and another in the north. The proposed new unitary authority in the west would cover the current areas of Daventry District, Northampton Borough and South Northamptonshire.

The Government has not yet decided on whether to proceed with the unitary proposal and is expected to launch its own consultation shortly before making a decision. However due to the tight timescale for creating the new councils by May 2020 if the proposal is approved, Daventry District Council and its partner councils in the west are continuing with preparations to help inform and shape any future legislation. This work includes proposing a name to the Government for Parliament to decide upon.

Residents and businesses in Daventry District are urged to give their views on what they think a new west unitary council should be called during an informal consultation running until Monday, 3 December.

They are being asked to respond to the following question: What do you think a new Council covering West Northamptonshire should be called?

They can submit their suggestions online at

Alternatively they can submit their suggestions by post to:

LGR Naming Proposal, Daventry District Council, Lodge Road, Daventry NN11 FP


What is the background to this?

The Government is currently considering a proposal to create two new unitary councils in Northamptonshire, in place of the county council and the current seven boroughs/districts.

The proposal is for a new council in the West comprising the current area of Daventry District, Northampton and South Northamptonshire; and for another in the North, comprising the current areas of Corby, East Northamptonshire, Kettering and Wellingborough.

The Government has not yet made a decision on the unitary proposal, however if it does decide to proceed with it, then as part of legislation names for the new authorities will need to be proposed for Parliament to decide.

Tell us what you think

We would like to give the Government a preferred name to consider for a new west unitary authority, so would like to hear your views on what you think it should be called.

This is an informal public consultation which will help us to shape a name to share with Government and Parliament.

We need your views by Monday, 3 December 2018 to ensure we meet the Government’s anticipated timescales, if it decides to proceed with the unitary proposal.

What are the choices for the name – or can I suggest anything?

There is no official shortlist, but various names have been suggested since discussions started about a proposed new unitary authority for West Northamptonshire.

We have listed some of these below and we would be keen to find out your preference or suggest to us an alternative name:

  • West Northamptonshire Council
  • Northamptonshire West Council
  • Northampton and West Northamptonshire Council
  • Greater Borough of Northampton Council
  • Borough and District of Northampton Council
  • Grand Union Council

Here are some things you may like to consider when suggesting a name:

  • The proposed new council would cover the geographical boundaries of Daventry District, Northampton Borough and South Northamptonshire.
  • There may well be a future proposal to create a Northampton Town Council alongside the proposed new authority, in the same way as there is already a Daventry Town Council and Brackley Town Council
  • Does the name reflect how you identify with the area as a local resident or business.
  • Do you think the name reflects a sense of place to people outside the area, such as visitors, businesses or potential investors
  • Whether or not you think the new name should be totally different to the names of any of the current councils.
  • Is retaining the shire identity of the area within the name important to you
  • Could the name shortened or simplified in a way that it could lead to a loss of place identity.

Is this a chance to influence whether or not this proposed new council goes ahead?

No. This informal consultation is being carried out so that Daventry District Council can gauge the views of its residents on what they think a new authority should be called if it is established by the Government.

Your suggestions will be fed back, along with the views of those living in Northampton Borough and South Northamptonshire, who will also be consulted by their respective councils over proposals for a new name.

So how can I have my say on whether or not this proposed new council is a good idea?

The Government is due to carry out its own consultation on the bigger question of whether the proposed new councils go ahead, so if you have a view on that, we would encourage you to take part in that separate consultation as and when it is launched, which we understand may be in October or November 2018.  When details of that formal Government consultation are known, we shall make details widely available.

Why is this an ‘informal’ consultation?

This is an informal consultation on a possible name because the decision on the name for that council (if it is ultimately formed) is not something that any of the four current councils can decide.  The decision on the name for the proposed new council for the western part the county will instead be for the Government to propose and for Parliament to decide.  We however can share our views with the Government, and later with Parliament, to help inform their decision.

That is why we are carrying out this informal public consultation on the name now – so you can tell us what you think.  That will help inform our views, which we will then share with Government and Parliament.

What is the timetable for being able to influence the name, if it does all go ahead?

We need your views please by Monday, 3 December 2018.  The reason for that timetable is that we think the if the Government decides to go ahead with this proposal, after having carried out their formal consultation still to come, it would publish important technical documents sometime before Christmas or in early 2019 that will go on for Parliamentary consideration.  Those technical documents would likely contain names for the two new proposed councils, including the one for our part of Northamptonshire, so it is important that we feed in any strong views on the name before those technical documents are finalised and published.

How do I make my suggestion?

Please respond to us by answering the following question:

What do you think a new Council covering West Northamptonshire should be called?

You can submit your respond online at

Alternatively you can write to us at:

LGR Naming Proposal, Daventry District Council, Lodge Road, Daventry NN11 4FP

For further information please contact:

Ian O’Pray, Media Officer at Daventry District Council, on 01327 302310 or email

Daventry District Council is a local authority providing essential public services for Daventry District, supporting the daily needs of residents, businesses and visitors. To find out more visit


Christmas Waste Collections 2018

Christmas 2018 waste and recycling collections

Households are encouraged to find out more about arrangements for waste and recycling collections over Christmas and New Year.

Collection schedules

Collections will continue to take place as usual over the Christmas and New Year period, except for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day:

• If your collection is due on Christmas Day (Tuesday, 25 December) it will instead take place on Saturday, 29 December.

• If your collection is due on New Year’s Day (Tuesday, 1 January) this will instead take place on Saturday, 5 January.

Extra recycling collection

Your blue-lidded recycling bin will continue to be collected as usual over Christmas and New Year, with the addition of an extra collection for all households in the week beginning 7 January – please put your recycling bin out on your usual collection day alongside any other bins that are scheduled. Please also note that this extra collection is not listed on the paper calendar you received in June.

Extra recycling that you cannot fit it in your blue-lidded bin will also be collected during the festive period -please place items into clear or white bags (not black or green sacks) and put them next to your bin.

Don’t forget that a range of festive items can be recycled, including sweet tins, and foil-free wrapping paper and Christmas cards. As a good rule of thumb, wrapping paper that can be torn is probably made from paper and can therefore be recycled.

General waste

Black bins containing general waste will continue to be collected as normal on their three-weekly cycle. Please make sure you recycle as much as possible as side waste and bins with raised lids will not be collected.

Food waste

Food waste bins will continue to be collected on their usual weekly schedule. Please remember you can recycle leftover raw and cooked foods, including veg peelings, egg shells, out-of-date food, plate scrapings, solid fats, meat and fish bones. Please do not put any liquids in the caddy.

Garden waste collections

Those subscribed to the service will continue to receive collections on their usual schedule in the run up to Christmas and New Year. Please note there will be a short break in collections during the second week of January so that crews can focus on the extra seasonal recycling.

Christmas trees

Households subscribed to the garden waste service can put their real Christmas trees in their garden waste bin or alternatively place them alongside the bin for collection in the week beginning 22 January.

There are no communal collection points for real Christmas trees, but you can take trees to your local household waste recycling centre. Find your nearest centre.

Keep up-to-date with our mobile app

You can check your collection day and set up notifications to remind your which bins to put out using our mobile app.

Available for free from Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store, the app can also be used to access the latest news from Daventry District Council, as well as information about local facilities, services, shops, bars and restaurants.

If you do not have access to a tablet or smartphone you can check your bin collection dates on the calendar delivered to you in June, or on our website.

Reporting a missed bin

Daventry District Council’s offices and Contact Centre will be closed from Christmas Day, reopening on Wednesday, 2 January. During this time waste and recycling services will continue and you can report a missed bin collection on our website.