Are you PC? 

In our sound bite society where the dramatic is all we are supplied, it is far from fashionable to think anything other than ill of our maligned politicians.  We do though need government as the alternative would result in an even less savoury outcome.  Recognising this need, at its lowest level (in terms of power rather than integrity!), sits the Parish Council, which represents the village.  For the village to function in all manner of ways the Parish Council exists and for the Parish Council to function it needs manpower; hence the question, ‘Are you PC’?  In short Yelvertoft PC needs new blood.

Recognising this recruitment need, as the newest to the role of Parish Councillor, it was suggested that I might like to give my thoughts on my time on the YPC.  This is not from the perspective of setting out roles and responsibilities, but maybe through my newly acquired rose coloured spectacles!  I am not sure I could in all honesty or would I want to glamorise the job.  That said it needs doing and at least with the intention of competence and with the right humour.

So, what’s it like?  First impressions, a bit formal, which is hardly surprising given that whilst rules may be for the guidance of wise men and the observance of fools, a ‘governing body’ must have structure.  In all seriousness the rules exist for consistency and I suppose protection of the officers.  Do they stop debate or opinion?  No, most definitely not.  Likewise, it is my experience that they haven’t got in the way of ‘doing’.  Understanding what you can and can’t do has slowed me down on occasion, but I am still learning.  Frustrating perhaps rather than obstructive and there is no good reason to consider that things can’t get done.

Why did I end up on YPC?  Well it wasn’t for the pay (there is none), I wasn’t looking for work and I have never considered local government a calling.  No, my inclusion in the team results from a bit of arm twisting on my driveway, which piqued my curiosity sufficiently for me to attend a PC meeting.   On doing so I realised that the incumbents didn’t have two heads and debate seemed civil and done in good humour.  Since joining I have felt confident to challenge direction of projects and strategies.  Hopefully I am adding value in some manner although I know I ask too many questions!  I have found it rewarding, getting the Neighbourhood Watch going again, mapping footpaths and as I say hopefully challenging constructively.

The people on the YPC are not only approachable and friendly, but are getting things done.  It may not always be obvious and perfection takes a little while, but all are working for the benefit of the village.  That seems to me to be a worthy goal, but there is much to be done to deliver the best for the community.  Any venture can only be as good as its people, both individually and as a collective.  Does that mean you must have specific skills?  Absolutely not, to my mind it’s about having an opinion, the right attitude and a will to put it over to help get things done.  If that’s you I would strongly urge you to consider a position on your council.  As I say it can be rewarding and amusing.

I am sure many of you know councillors with whom you can chat about YPC.  That said if anyone would like to speak to me personally my numbers are listed below.  If not come to a meeting and observe the menagerie!

Miles Odell – 01788 823255 or 07979 530272


Have you ever considered volunteering to become a Parish Councillor? If the answer is no, then you should reconsider. Here are a few reasons why you should give the role your consideration:

  • You would like to help keep the Parish a desirable place to live
  • If you’re female or under 25 then have a good think, as women and youngsters are under-represented in local authorities
  • You are interested in planning and development
  • Be a voice for the people of the Parish
  • Training and support are available – great opportunity for the younger generation!
  • As a resident your opinions are important

Why become a Parish Councillor?

Seeing your community change for the better, as a result of decisions you have helped to make, is something that can give you a sense of achievement and pride.  The Parish Council helps to ensure the area continues to be a desirable place to live, go to school, work and visit.

What decisions do Parish Councils make?

Parish councils make all kinds of decisions on issues that affect their local community. Probably the most common topics are planning matters, highways issues and campaigning for and delivering better services and facilities. It’s true to say that on their own, parish councils have limited powers to make decisions, but they do have the ability to negotiate with, and the power to influence, those other organisations that do make the final decisions. In this respect parish councils are extremely powerful.

How much time does it take up? We meet 10 times p.a. Meetings usually last three hours, depending on the agenda set for the meeting to discuss. In addition to the regular meetings, councillors are occasionally required to attend other meetings. Such meetings won’t happen too frequently, so it’s not going to take over your life.

What support is there?

The Parish Council is supported by NCALC, which offers advice and training. The other councillors are friendly and always there to help. The role of the Clerk is to support the Parish Council. The clerk carries out administration tasks, acts as legal adviser/researcher and liaises with outside agencies. The role of parish councillor is voluntary but expenses can be paid. We have a training budget for Councillors to attend any training course they require to carry out their duties.

Don’t take our word for it!  The best way to find out what it’s like to be a parish councillor is to talk to someone who’s doing it now. Come along to a Parish Council meeting, or speak to one of our councillors and find out what they think of the role, or contact the Clerk.

Library Service – Immediate Withdrawal of Service

We are sorry to announce that the library service has been withdrawn by Northamptonshire County Council with immediate effect.  We have received the following letter from First for Wellbeing:

LibraryPlus Mobile Library Service – immediate withdrawal of service

As you will no doubt be aware, the public consultation around the future of the Library Service has included the deletion of the Mobile Library Service and the service has been running as normal pending the final Council decision.

However, due to the age and the condition of the vehicle, there is a risk of incurring expensive repair work each time it goes out and the recent spending controls imposed by the Director of Finance under Section 114 mean that we have had to withdraw the service with immediate effect.

We will be contacting all existing Mobile Library customers individually to explain the situation.

We have also made arrrangements for our Mobile Library Driver to continue to visit the mobile library stops for one last visit to see as many customers as possible. He will be stopping at the normal place at the normal time, but in a different vehicle, to collect stock from customers.

If customers are not able to attend the last mobile library visit they can return any items to any of our libraries.  All overdue charges will be waived.

Any residents who would like to continue to use the library service, but are unable to visit their nearest library, can be considered for home delivery through our Library to You service. They can either speak to our mobile van driver at his last visit, or contact their nearest library for further details.

More information on a planned expansion of the Library to You service will be announced in due course.

I hope that this information helps you to address any related questions from residents, but if you have any further questions relating to the Mobile Library Service, please contact NLIS Feedback at

Yours sincerely
Anne Lovely
Strategic Development and Income Generation Manager
Northamptonshire Library & information Services

Citizens Advice – Volunteers Required

Volunteer Recruitment

Citizens Advice Daventry and District provides free, confidential, impartial information and advice to the residents of Daventry Town and the surrounding District. We are based on the first floor of the Abbey buildings just off the Market Square in Daventry.

The service relies on a group of dedicated volunteers who give their time freely each week to help others.

We are currently looking for some more volunteers. People who have some free time and are willing to learn a new skill and give about 6 hours each week.

We need people for the following roles:-

  • Receptionists – To meet and greet clients, take their information, see them through to the main waiting area and to carry out some other administration tasks.
  • Telephone Assessors – To speak to clients on the countywide telephone system and help them to find the information they need. This could be referring or signposting them to other agencies.
  • Advisers – To be part of the drop-in team to help clients face to face with information or full advice on a wide range of topics.
  • IT support – If you have an IT background and can help with the day to day office needs relating to IT or can help with Social Media, Twitter, Facebook and the website.
  • Research and Campaigns support – The office not only gives help to clients but runs campaigns to help influence change centrally and to influence decision makers in the future. We need support to be able to carry this out.
  • Trustee Board Member – Local office trustee boards need people from all sections of the community with a wide range of different skills, experience and perspectives.

If you would like to find out more and get an information pack then please email or telephone 01327 701644.

Local Lotto Launch

Daventry District’s Local Lotto will enable local voluntary and community organisations to raise a regular income for their cause. Find out how it works and how to sign up at their FREE launch event. FREE £100 prize draw for all groups that register. FREE fish & chips supper. Guest speakers.

6.30pm – 8pm Wednesday, 21st February 2018

Daventry Rugby Club Western Avenue Daventry NN11 4ST

DDC strongly advise registering for this event in advance. Contact Rob Burton on 01327 302257

Speeding in Yelvertoft

Help make Yelvertoft safer!

Residents in Yelvertoft are worried about speeding vehicles. With your support the Parish Council wants to continue with Community Speedwatch to tackle this danger.

We can get volunteers properly trained to use the calibrated speed gun, just like the police use. We can’t (and don’t want to) fine motorists we find speeding but they will get a warning letter from the police as a reminder.

We will also get signs reminding people to slow down and interactive devices  that will display the speed of a vehicle for drivers to see.  All designed to educate and make drivers aware of speeding in our community.

And evidence collected from Speedwatch can be used by the Parish Council in any discussions with the County Council over possible traffic calming methods.

We need your help

We need at least 10 more adult volunteers to help with Yelvertoft’s Community Speedwatch before we can continue so we are asking for your help.

If you are interested in helping making Yelvertoft safer then please contact the Clerk on 01788 522925, 07341 133189, or email