Climate change is a wide-reaching issue that touches every aspect of our lives as well as our communities. The Parish Council have set up a working group and are committed to drafting a climate emergency plan that will take us into the future and help to address climate change. All work the Council does have climate change in mind and seeks to look at ways in which we can make changes.

2020 saw the Council replace all the village street lighting with new eco lighting which is also dimmed at certain times of the night to further reduce electricity usage.

All trees which have to be felled due to safety reasons are always replaced.

The Council do not own any buildings but does own land so a focus is currently on improving the biodiversity and habitat of those areas.

The Council are working closely with the Yelvertoft Environmental Group to look at ways in which we can further help with climate change.

If any resident wishes to be part of the Climate Working Group you would be most welcome as there is so much we can do in this area.  Please just let us know.