New campaign urges public to get tested twice a week

On 9 April, the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) launched a major public information campaign encouraging people to get into the habit of using lateral flow tests twice a week.

Everyone in England is able to access free, regular rapid coronavirus testing delivered through:

·       a home ordering service

·       workplace testing programmes, on-site or at home

·       community testing, offered by all councils

·       collection at a local test site

·       testing on-site at schools and colleges

·       collection from participating pharmacies

The campaign will run across TV, radio, press, digital, and social media.

Read the government announcement here. 

Click here for the home test ordering service.

Council Reports March 2021

Allotment Officer’s Report, March 2021

Current Plotholders

Two local residents have given up their plots for 2021, however we have since welcomed two new plotholders to the site. There are currently 23 confirmed plotholders and 4.5 vacant plots are presently available, although there is capacity to add more on adjacent land if needed.  There has been regular communication with plotholders in recent weeks, as we have updated our allotment records, secured outstanding rental payments and kept everyone informed about maintenance activities at the site.

Maintenance and security

A number of maintenance jobs have recently been undertaken at the allotment site.  A new gate has been installed and a new hardstanding surface has been laid at the entrance point. We have also addressed some issues with the culvert beneath the entrance.  Now that we have a new gate, it is important to ensure that the site is made secure. We will be adding a padlock to the chain that is currently around the gates and providing the combination code to plotholders only.

Water supply

In March we will be turning the water supply back on, having turned it off for the winter period as usual.

Councillor Nichols Report 

This month I have ordered the Rose bushes for the Cemetery and they arrived today. They should be by the weekend.  I will be looking for some ground cover plants to cheer the plot up as it will take a while for the roses to become established.

The grant for the storage building was sadly turned down and there is no appeal process. I have forwarded all emails regarding this to the rest of the council.

Clerk Report 

Village Planters / Diamond Jubilee Garden

I asked for volunteers to maintain the village sign planters – one opposite the Village Hall and one opposite the Cemetery.  The idea was they had all year round bloom but they have looked very dreary for a while.  Tricia Davis has volunteered so I am liaising with her.

We also need someone to maintain the Diamond Jubilee Garden as again it is dreary.  I have asked Tricia if she would like to maintain that too.

Maintenance Contractor

I met with the new maintenance contractor and we went round looking at the outstanding jobs in the village.  He is a lovely guy, very willing, very reliable.  I asked him to quote for individual jobs, especially the larger jobs, to ensure we keep to budget.  His quotes came in over budget.  I told him we would use another contractor instead so he has now agreed to do the jobs to our budget.  He can also carry them out next week so we can get the work done and invoiced in this financial year, as per the budget.  He will be working on extending the cemetery path and gravelling the cremated remains area, erecting a wheelie bin storage shelter at the cemetery.  He may also do the grass block in School Close – he is investigating this.  I have asked him to quote for jet washing the cemetery path too.   He is not keen on doing small gardening jobs so we need to look for another contractor.  For the timebeing I will see how it goes and any jobs that need doing I will get 3 quotes and bring to Council for decision.


  • Cemetery ashes sign to be erected in the cemetery. Place on left on grass as you go through the gate into the cemetery.
  • Shelter to be built/bought for bins at cemetery. C2C doing.
  • Maintain village planters – ongoing.  There is a planter at the Village hall end of the village on the verge on the left as you go out of Yelvertoft, and another on the left verge opposite the cemetery.  They have Yelvertoft on and a planter.  Please keep these planted up with nice flowers. VOLUNTEER now doing.
  • Maintain Diamond Jubilee Garden – ongoing.  Corner of Elkington Road and High Street on left.  A diamond little garden that needs to have nice flowers all year round – bulbs are ok too. VOLUNTEER NEEDED, OR CONTRACTOR
  • Maintain Millenium garden – ongoing. On the war memorial green on the left is a stone and a little garden with bushes.  Please ensure this is kept nice. VOLUNTEER NEEDED, OR CONTRACTOR
  • Clean any road signs that need it (possibly re-painting needed too).
  • Jet wash cemetery path.
  • To lay grass block in School Close. On agenda for decision.
  • Allotment works – cutting hedges, tidying, removing bonfire etc.  Iain arranging.
  • Removal of tree stump on green left of the old Post Office. Julie asked Vaughan Wright to do at £150 – waiting for a response from him.
  • Extension of gravel path from Rose Garden along cremated remains area by hedge. Should be done this week.
  • Levelling of graves in cemetery.
  • Level and seed the verge outside the Rag factory. Not sure now – waiting for environment group to advise as talk of leaving it / wildflowers.


All unsafe headstones have now been re-erected / secured.

SLCC Annual Virtual Conference

I attended the 3-day conference participating in 3-5 webinars a day.  I did obtain a few useful contacts / information which I will be following up on.

Solar Farm

Spoke to Lightrock and asked them for an Agreement for the £10k fund, and the requirements of it.  Awaiting.




New Covid Testing Centre in Daventry

A community Lateral Flow Device Testing Centre has opened at Daventry Leisure Centre. 

This complements the existing provision in Northampton, Corby, Wellingborough and Brackley and offers a more local testing venue for those in Daventry and the surrounding areas.  Lateral Flow Device testing is otherwise known as rapid testing and is used in people who do not have symptoms of Covid-19.  The aim is to identify the one in three people who may be infectious without being aware, in order to reduce spread of the virus.  Rapid testing enables swift action to be taken to protect colleagues and family members of those who test positive with COVID-19 and to reduce any onward risk of transmission.

Booking a test

The new site is open Tuesday to Saturday from 9.30am to 12pm and 1pm to 6.30pm, providing a wide variety of testing slots.  Each test involves a swab of the mouth and nose and provides a result within 30 minutes.

Priority is given to workers in the following sectors:

  • Health or social care
  • Transportation
  • Education or childcare (if not receiving regular rapid tests via the workplace)
  • Essential shop, supermarkets or financial services
  • Food production or processing
  • Warehousing, packing or distribution
  • Essential public sector services including waste, bin collections, security etc
  • Construction, utilities or communications
  • Agency workers.

Annual Parish Meeting 2021

To: All Yelvertoft village organisations

Re:  Annual Parish Meeting Invite

We are writing to invite you to the Yelvertoft Annual Parish meeting which will be held at 7pm on Monday 12th April 2021. 

Due to Coronavirus please note that all face-to-face meetings have been suspended so the meeting will be via web conference. 

We would really appreciate a report on what your organisation has been working on over the last 12 months, and also a presentation of your accounts.  This is a great opportunity for you to inform the village about your work, plans, achievements, and anything else you wish them to know.

We are often approached by village organisations with requests for funding, which we welcome.  Please note that priority for funding will be given to those groups that attend the Annual Parish Meeting as the Parish Council has a duty to all residents to ensure all funding awarded is made on a fair basis and in order for us to make such decisions we need to know what groups contribute to the village, how active they are and have an overview of their finances.

If you, or a representative, are unable to attend the meeting then you are welcome to send me a report which I will read out at the meeting.  If you are attending the meeting I would really appreciate you emailing me a copy of the report also to include in the minutes.

Zoom details:   

Join Zoom Meeting at
Meeting ID: 836 9978 3306
One tap mobile +442039017895.  Dial by your location +44 203 901 7895 United Kingdom
Meeting ID: 836 9978 3306

Please try to access the meeting at least 15 minutes beforehand so you can test your audio.  Your pc may also want to do a small download in order for Zoom to work on your pc.

The agenda will be available at the week before the meeting.

Please do advise if you are able to attend.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Yelvertoft Parish Council

First-ever Elections to the new West Northamptonshire Council

Residents in Daventry, Northampton and South Northamptonshire are being encouraged to apply early to vote by post for the first-ever elections to the new West Northamptonshire Council this spring.

On Thursday, 6 May voters across the three areas will go to the polls to elect a total of 93 councillors for the new unitary authority, which will be formed on 1 April this year, replacing the existing district, borough and county councils.

On Polling Day residents will also be able to cast votes for the Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner and to elect representatives for many of their local parish councils.

Work is underway to ensure that residents can cast their votes safely during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, with a range of Covid-safe measures being planned for polling stations, alongside the other usual options such as voting by post or by proxy (when someone votes on your behalf).

People are urged to apply for postal votes as early as possible ahead of the deadline of 5:00pm on 20 April and those wishing to vote by proxy can also do this now before the deadline of 5:00pm on 27 April.

Anyone who is not yet registered to vote must do so by Monday, 19 April in order to take part in this spring’s elections.

Polling arrangements are currently being organised by elections staff in Daventry District, South Northants and Northampton until the new West Northamptonshire Council is formed on 1 April. In the run-up to this, residents will still need to apply for postal and proxy votes via their existing district or borough councils.

Voters in Daventry District can apply by emailing   or calling 01327 871100, Northampton residents should email  or call 0300 330 7000, and people living in South Northants should email  or call 01327 322128.

Residents unsure whether or not they are registered to vote can check by contacting their local elections team on the contact details above. Those who need to register can do so online, where they will be asked to provide their name, National Insurance Number and date of birth.


Catalytic Converter Thefts

Northamptonshire Police has identified a recent increase in thefts of catalytic converters (part of the exhaust system) from certain makes of cars. Catalytic converters contain valuable metals and thieves can jack the vehicle up and cut them off in a couple of minutes. This will leave you with a hefty replacement bill or insurance excess fee, not to mention having your vehicle off the road whilst awaiting a replacement part.

As a catalytic converter costs hundreds of pounds to replace, marking it will help de-value it to thieves and make it more difficult to sell on.

Information on the Retainagroup Self-Etching Labels can be found here.  –

Advice for motorists

· TOP TIP Many car dealerships sell locking devices for catalytic converters, for example, CATLOC. These tough metal locks cover the catalytic converter to make it too time consuming for thieves to steal it. Check with your dealership for options to fit your vehicle.

· Whenever possible, park your vehicle in a locked garage, as close to your home as possible or in a parking spot overlooked by neighbours. Avoid parking your vehicle half on the pavement and half on the road, as this can make it easier for thieves to access the catalytic converter

· If parking in a public car park, always park alongside other cars and drive into the space as the catalytic converter is positioned towards the front of your vehicle. This will make it harder for thieves to get close enough to steal it. If possible, use ‘Park Mark’ accredited car parks as these have CCTV as part of the accreditation

· Consider installing a Thatcham approved alarm to your vehicle. Alarms that activate if the vehicle is lifted or tilted are particularly effective

For further advice email

Message Sent By
Les Conopo (Police, Community Support Officer, Daventry & South Northants)

Yelvertoft Neighbourhood Watch – WhatsApp Crime Alert Group

Welcome to Yelvertoft Neighbourhood Watch – WhatsApp Crime Alert Group

What is it?

The Parish Council have started a WhatsApp group intended to be used by villagers to alert the community to urgent crime issues such as;

● Crimes in Progress
● Suspicious behaviour (non Covid related)
● Cry for help
● Suspicious vehicles
● To pass on reports from elsewhere

Important – You must still report serious crime to the police and get a crime number – you should then share this number with the group.

What is it not?

The group is not for moaning, chatting, gossip, reporting neighbours or parking issues It must be kept clear for important alerts.

The Parish Council will remove any group member who misuses the system.

What about my privacy

WhatsApp requires you to download the app to your mobile phone. Your telephone number will be visible to all other members however your name or any other info will only be visible to people who already have you in their phone contacts.

How do I join

First download the WhatsApp application from your App Store onto your phone.  It looks like this:


Then follow the instructions to sign up and set up alerts in your phone settings.

To Join the group follow this link on your phone or scan this QR code with your camera:

nhw whatsapp qcode





Census 2021

Every ten years the census takes place in England and Wales, providing insight into the people who live across the country and what their lives are like. This year, census day is on Sunday 21 March. You may already have seen advertisements on the TV,  in newspapers and social media.

What is the census?

The census is a series of questions that gives a data picture of British society and this year it will give future generations a fascinating insight into how we lived during the coronavirus pandemic.

But, more importantly, it helps the government plan and fund services in local communities. The responses might highlight a need for a new school, increased health care facilities or other services in your area.

How does it work?

Next week (from 22 February) every house will be sent a Purple Postcard in the post to remind everyone that the census is on its way.

The following week every house will be sent an Information Pack. This will contain a unique code which will give access to the census form online using any device. The Pack will also explain how to complete the census and how to get help if anyone needs it.

If someone doesn’t want to complete the census themself, a family member or a trusted person can do it on their behalf. People can also request a paper copy. Everything will explained in the Information Pack.

What information is collected?

The census collects information about individuals, their households and their homes. This information is collated and analysed and the first figures will be released next year. Billions of pounds of funding depend on the results of the census.

Is personal information safe?

Yes. Any information that is published following the census is fully anonymised. This year’s census records will be held securely and will be released into the public domain in 2121 when they will be available for everyone to read.

Does everyone have to complete the census form?

Yes. It’s a legal requirement to complete the census.

A dedicated telephone number has been released for people who want to request a paper form: 0800 876 6276.  No other help will be available on this number.  The general help line number of 0800 141 2021 remains and over 500 additional staff will be answering calls.

For more information visit


Garden Waste at Yelvertoft Allotments

Yelvertoft Parish Council would like to remind all local residents that the dumping of garden waste at Yelvertoft Allotments is strictly prohibited.

The dumping of domestic garden waste has increasingly become a problem at the allotment site over recent years.

Access to Yelvertoft Allotments is for plotholders only  and we are in the process of making security improvements at the site.

We would like to ensure everyone is aware of this position and thank you for your cooperation.


Grant funding for Northamptonshire Schools


Financial support will now be given to Northamptonshire schools from the County Council through COVID-19 grant funding of £24.90 per pupil; total funding allocation of £3m. This funding will be used to cover future costs or those already incurred from infection prevention and control measures on items not already covered by government funding.

Schools across the county have been responding to COVID-19 on the front line since March last year, working extremely hard to follow all of the necessary guidance to operate in a way that is COVID-19 safe and secure for all pupils.

As a result of this, additional costs for schools have been incurred during a time when they are already under immense pressure.

The grant will be given to schools on the express condition that all monies received will be used only in accordance with the spending criteria, on eligible items permitted and in line with the objectives of the grant.

Cllr Fiona Baker, cabinet member for children, families and education at Northamptonshire County Council, said “This year has been incredibly difficult for everyone and our local schools must be commended for their dedication to making their learning environments as safe as possible so that the county’s children can continue to access the best possible education.

We’d like to thank our county’s schools for their continued hard work, continuing to put the interests and wellbeing of pupils first during this extremely challenging period.”

For more information please email