New Bin Collections

New recycling bins to be delivered District-wide / New Bin Collections / Charge for Brown Bin

New recycling bins are being delivered to households across Daventry District in preparation for changes to the collection service this summer.

The blue-lidded wheelie bins will replace the red and blue recycling boxes from 4 June, removing the need for residents to separate their recyclables and providing extra space to recycle large cardboard.

They are being delivered to nearly 38,000 households over the course of the next five weeks ahead of the new 1-2-3+ Collection Service, which is being introduced by Daventry District Council (DDC) and its new environmental services partner Daventry Norse.

Anyone who does not receive their new bin by 31 May should contact DDC by emailing or phoning 01327 871100. Residents who do not receive a bin within two days of their neighbours receiving theirs should also get in touch with the Council.

People should continue to use their old recycling boxes until the last collection before the new service starts on 4 June.

It is not planned to collect the boxes after the switchover. Once washed out they can be put to a range of different uses, or alternatively taken to a household waste recycling centre.

Collected fortnightly, the new blue-lidded bins will give people more space for recycling over two weeks than the current weekly box collections, and will help stop items getting wet or blowing away.

They form part of the new 1-2-3+ Collection Service, which will comprise:

  • 1: a weekly food waste collection
  • 2: a fortnightly mixed recycling collection in a new blue-lidded wheelie bin
  • 3: A general waste black bin collection every three weeks
  • +: An optional fortnightly garden waste service for an annual fee of £35 per bin, per year.

More details about the new service, including information about changes to collection days, will be sent out to households in the coming weeks.

For more information visit Daventry District Councils website.

KGV Field Usage

It appears horses are being taken into the KGV Field on Crick Bridle road. Please note that this field has specific guidelines to its usage in the deeds and horses are not permitted in the playing field. The horses(s) has left deep hoof print holes in the soft surface which could be a dangerous trip hazard for people and dogs that may be running around in there. Such holes can also cause damage to mowing equipment.
Motorbikes have also been using the playing field. Please note that this is also not permitted, again, an activity that could be dangerous to other users of the field.
Can we politely request that the field is only used for its intended purposes such as walking and ball games.