KGV Field Usage

It appears horses are being taken into the KGV Field on Crick Bridle road. Please note that this field has specific guidelines to its usage in the deeds and horses are not permitted in the playing field. The horses(s) has left deep hoof print holes in the soft surface which could be a dangerous trip hazard for people and dogs that may be running around in there. Such holes can also cause damage to mowing equipment.
Motorbikes have also been using the playing field. Please note that this is also not permitted, again, an activity that could be dangerous to other users of the field.
Can we politely request that the field is only used for its intended purposes such as walking and ball games.

Race Night

It’s that time of year again when we get together for a few drinks, a bit of supper, and a few cheeky punts on the horses.

Formula is the same as last time. If you haven’t been before then:

Tickets are £5 and includes a fish, chicken or jumbo sausage & chips supper.

Why not own and name a horse for the evening? Must be purchased prior to the night. Ownership of the horses costs £3 each. Paying out to owners 1st and 2nd placed horses! e.g. 1st placed horse wins £10 and 2nd placed horse wins £5.

Don’t leave it too late to reserve your tickets! Contact us asap with numbers and horse names.






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