Yelvertoft Solar Farm

As some of you may know a planning application has recently been submitted for a 200 acre Solar Farm on fields 700m from the village on the Crick Road.

The Parish Council wants to hear your views on this development before we respond on your behalf to Daventry District Council which will decide the application in early June.

We have decided to conduct a simple survey to find out residents’ views. Given the very tight timescales of consulting on this during lockdown we have needed to use an online survey tool. You can take the survey at

The Parish Council will then discuss these ,and other responses, at a planning meeting of the Parish Council at 7.30pm on 1st June.

Please do have your say. This is a major development. The feedback request will be publicised to residents via this website, Facebook, and a flyer to each household. 

Click Yelvertoft Solar Farm application to view the application.

Click here to view the flood report: Flood report

  • The Solar Farm is being developed by Lightrock Power
  • The thousands of solar panels will fill 200 acres of open farmland and will each be almost 3m tall and 4m long .
  • The developer acknowledges the flooding threat to Yelvertoft and says that the flood measures they will put in place will not increase the risk of flooding. (see Flood_Risk_Assessment_&_Drainage_Strategy_FINAL.pdf contained within the application.)
  • You can view the planning application at the web address above.
  • The developer has stated that it will generate 49MW of electricity.
  • Construction traffic will come through Lilbourne and Yelvertoft from the A5/M1.
  • Planning permission, if granted, will be for a period of 40 years.
  • Unlike the Wind Farm, there is no obligation for the developer to make a financial contribution to the local community (or offer cheaper electricity or domestic solar panels to village residents.)
  • You can respond directly to DDC by emailing: or writing to Development Control, DDC, Lodge Way, Daventry, NN11 4FP