Flood Works in Yelvertoft

The Environment Agency will shortly commence essential maintenance works to the Yelvertoft Flood Storage Area during Spring 2019.

The flood storage area is made up of a number of Environment Agency managed assets including embankments, walls, culverts and a control/spillway structure. It is essential that all of these components are maintained to an acceptable standard to prevent issues occurring when the flood storage area is in use.

Late last year, issues with various parts of the flood storage area were identified by one of our asset inspectors. At this point we moved quickly to assess the work required to ensure the asset continues to perform correctly during flood events.

The work, which is being undertaken by our contractors Breheny, is due to commence on the 11th of March. We will begin by clearing vegetation and setting up our working area. Following this, work will take place on the control/ spillway structure, culvert headwalls and the flood wall along Crick Road. The final stage of the project will be the maintenance work on the existing embankments.

These works are not associated with, nor will impact upon, the initial assessment being undertaken to investigate the potential for future schemes surrounding the flooding in Yelvertoft.

If you would like further information regarding this maintenance work please do not hesitate to contact John Conniff (FCRM Advisor) on