New Proposals for Yelvertoft Cemetery

New Proposals for Yelvertoft Cemetery

We are considering making some improvements to the cemetery and would like to hear residents views on our proposed plans.

Proposal 1: Cremated Remains Memorials / Spreading of Ashes

Place special memorial kerb stones, which can be inscribed, to be placed around the edge of the rose garden to form a circular bed. A gravel border to be created for ease of mowing. Further planting such as lavender could be placed in the area too.

Anyone with an existing cremated remains memorial would have the option to purchase a kerb stone at a reduced rate.

The Rose Garden and flower bed to be a special place for ashes to be spread.  Currently, there is no dedicated place in the cemetery for the spreading of ashes.

Should we have a large demand for the kerb stones then paths could be lined with the kerb stones as well as the rose garden.

Proposal 2: Cremated Remains Headstones

The area in the top left of the cemetery where the fruit trees are cannot be used for burials due to drainage. We propose to use this area for cremated remains mini upright headstones which are 24” high. Currently, only a small flat inscribed slab is permitted.

Please do let us know your views on the proposals. If you have any queries, or would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Samantha Haywood, Burial Officer, on 01788 522925, 07341 133189,