Unitary programme re-designed to include more transformation work prior to Vesting Day 2021

Following the Secretary of State’s announcement, two brand new unitary councils will be established in Northamptonshire on 1 April 2021 (Vesting Day), a year later than we originally anticipated.

This extra time allows the councils to carry out some transformation work on the services currently delivered across the county.

This will require a different approach to delivering the programme, which previously focussed on ‘safe and legal from day one’ – this remains a priority but re-configuring services is just as important.

The Chief Executives and Leaders have re-visited the plan to build in this extra time and have agreed a single integrated plan for the whole county with a greater focus on transformation. We know that when we get to implementation, the West and North will do things differently, and the plan will accommodate that variation.

This ‘one programme, one team’ approach will involve all eight Chief Executives taking ownership of work streams and being collectively accountable for their delivery to the Leaders’ Group.  This approach will ensure that this transformation programme is owned and delivered by all Northamptonshire councils.

Our vision for the new unitaries is set out in the Prospectus for Change, which can be found on the Council’s website at www.daventrydc.gov.uk/lgr

Cllr Chris Millar – Leader

Ian Vincent – Chief Executive