Street Lighting Update

UPDATE – 10.06.17

We have replaced another 16 lamps this week and repaired a further two. Street light number 13 cannot be done unfortunately. The old steel connection boxes we have left on our poles are very rusty so we are arranging for the electricity company to replace them so we can proceed with further replacements and repairs.

We have been approved to apply for a loan to fund replacing the remainder of the street lights. We are currently in negotiations with Salix in order to try and obtain an interest free loan.

We would welcome your feedback on the new lighting.

UPDATE – 14.05.17

Further to our notice below we have been informed that the contractors cherry picker has broken so they have now scheduled the new street lighting for 7th June. We have also asked them to repair light numbers 1 and 13 at the same time as we are still having no joy with Eon unfortunately.

The second batch of the new eco street lighting will be carried out w/c 22.05.17. The column mounted street lights will be replaced this time round. Other problem street lights will also be repaired at the same time. We are awaiting permission to apply for a loan for a remainder of the lights to be replaced.