Solar Farm

Update from the developer:

We can confirm that a road sweeper is being routinely used to ensure road surfaces are free of mud, debris etc. following deliveries to site. The Transport Plan is issued to all delivery companies, which provides strict guidance on the permitted route to site. During deliveries, the exit route is confirmed with all drivers before leaving site. If the Transport plan is not followed, deliveries are refused, and the respective company is contacted directly. If you are concerned that any deliveries are not following the correct route (or other instances of concern) please note some relevant details: vehicle registration or company name and make us aware.  As previously noted, a change of route application has been submitted to the Local Planning Authority and we await formal agreement to the proposed changes. If accepted, the revised route will not pass the school, instead the approach will be from the east.

To assist us in communication and engagement with the PC and the community we have engaged the support of Marlies Koutstaal of the Y – Factory. Marlies has supplied the following ways of contacting her with any queries. Please note that during the period of 24th to 2nd Jan we will respond to emergencies only.

  • Freephone: 0808 169 8082
  • Freepost: FREEPOST THE Y-FACTORY (no further address details or stamps required)
  • Email:

Build Schedule – To date we have completed the compound and perimeter fencing and the 24/7 CCTV security system installation. Internal tracks and trenching work for cable laying is underway and will continue. Ecologists have been working on site to help mitigate any risks to badgers, and archaeologists have observed ongoing works as directed by the Working Scheme of Investigation (WSI). There have not been any findings of interest at this time.

The piling of the mounting structures for the panels will begin in January and will continue for approx. 4 weeks. This will generate some noise during permitted hours, which may be apparent to those in close proximity.

We expect to be receiving the solar panels from mid-January to mid-March and this will generate 4/5 deliveries per day of panels. Panel fitting will start to take place in early February and continue until the end of April

Preparation for build of the sub-station will begin in late Jan 23 and the swale design is being reviewed.