Road closures in Yelvertoft & surrounding areas

Notification from Highways:

“Kier, working with West Northants Council, would like to notify you of works scheduled to take place in your areas. These will be carried out as full road closures. This works is to carry out our annual micro-asphalting programme, which improves the condition of roads in an economical way that is a preventative measure. The roads chosen have been highlighted as good candidates for this programme.

Immediate residents that will be affected by this ongoing work will receive a factsheet, as attached, early next week. Furthermore, a factsheet from our contractors will be delivered 72-48 hours before the work is due to take place. Work boards will be erected at the start and end of the works with specific dates nearer the time.

Due to the nature of this programme, and fluidity, we are unable to confirm dates until nearer the time. The factsheet attached explains more about this process.

The roads that are on this programme are as follows:

  • Ashwells Lane, Yelvertoft
  • Brookside Close, Yelvertoft
  • Oak Lane, Crick
  • Drayson Lane, Crick
  • Malt Mill Close, Kilsby
  • Oldfield Lane, Kilsby
  • Hillside Road, Nether Heyford
  • Orchard Way Harpole
  • Manor Close, Harpole
  • Shepherds Walk, Harpole
  • Manor Close Odd’s, Harpole
  • High Street, Lamport
  • Booth Lane South, Northampton
  • Connaugt Street, Northampton
  • Margaret Street, Northampton
  • Cranstoun Street, Northampton
  • Charles Street, Northampton
  • Crawford Avenue, New Duston
  • Bants Lane, New Duston
  • Melrose Avenue, New Duston
  • Cameron Crescent, New Duston
  • Franklin Crescent, New Duston
  • Trevor Close, New Duston
  • Lovat Drive, New Duston
  • Cameron Drive, New Duston
  • Trevor Crescent, New Duston
  • Lyncrest Avenue, New Duston
  • Windsor Road, New Duston

These roads will be affected by road closures within the next 3 weeks’ time, but we hope to cause as little disruption as possible. We will keep the immediate residents informed and up to date on the progress. Please note, we will be returning back to these locations within 3-4 months to carry out more work on the ironworks and replace the white lines in these areas.”