Pig Slurry Planning Application

It has come to our attention that a pig slurry is proposed for the Lilbourne Road. We are extremely disappointed that we received no notification of this planning application, and have not been given a chance to respond.

Application Ref: 2024/2508/PND and North of Lilbourne Road Clay Coton NN6 6JX. 
Prior notification for the creation of new earth banked slurry lagoons for the essential storage of slurry and water from pig farms. 

West Northants Council (WNC) were contacted and they have advised that these Part 6 prior approval applications should not be consulted on when validated as they are part of the government’s desire to relax planning laws via the General Permitted Development Order (GPDO). As such, it was a mistake by their validation team to consult Clay Coton parish meeting, the ward councillors, and a few other stakeholders. They are pleased the consultation letters went out because Clay Coton parish meeting alerted them to a few issues.  The reason there were no initial consultations under part 6 is because if the applicant can demonstrate that the proposal meets with the GPDO criteria, they have to issue an approval (prior approval not required) unless they think there may be issues with the siting. And for these kind of proposals, the siting is the only thing they can question it on if all the part 6 criteria are met. So, thanks are given to Clay Coton and WNCs own observations on highways issues. They sent a notice to the applicant to say prior approval is now ‘required’ for three reasons set out in the notice. Now they have triggered the prior approval required process, the clock effectively starts again, the applicant has to put up a site notice, and they have to provide sufficient evidence/information to overcome WNCs concerns. If they can do this, they will have to issue a prior approval granted decision. However, if they cannot overcome WNCs concerns, they issue a refusal. WNC cannot do any formal consultation under the part 6/prior approval required process, but once the site notice goes up, it effectively opens up the application to anybody that wants to comment on it.  Therefore, the deadline of 10th June for response has to be extended.

The application can be viewed on the WNC website at https://wnc.planning-register.co.uk/Planning/Display/2024/2508/PND .

Please send your comments directly to WNC and copy us in. The site notice, and option to comment, is not yet available on the WNC website but hopefully this will be available in the next few days. We will discuss and respond to the application.