M1 J18 Liaison Forum – Meeting on 15th June 2022

Update from National Highways (formerly Highways England)

National Highways Route Manager Introduction

My name is Bill Freeman and I am the National Highways England’s (a new role for the East Midlands Region since October 2019) for a number of Trunk Roads and Motorways falling within the East Midlands region that are pertinent to the former Northamptonshire (parts of Leicestershire & Warwickshire).

I am happy to act as the 1st point of contact for National Highways (see contact details below) if any attendees have any issues that they would like to raise about Motorway and Trunk Road routes assigned to myself that are not related to ‘Development Proposals’ and ‘Planning Applications’.

Bill Freeman Route Manager
Planning & Development
Operations Directorate East Midlands
National Highways| Stirling House | Lakeside Court | Osiers Drive | Annesley | NG15 0DS
Mobile: +44 (0) 7710100481 generally-only available on mobile (current telephone contactable hours sometime between 07:00 to 16:00/16:30)

Cold Ashby – Volume of HGV Movements from A14 – DIRFT

Bill Freeman National Highways Route Manager 8th June 2022 – full Origin Destination surveys on all routes between M1 and A14 plus local roads. It is local authority led with funding support from National Highways. Awaiting survey and analysis / reporting. Note: I am not really in the loop on this within National Highways and have not managed to ascertain from colleagues what the latest position is for the purpose of this update; sorry.

• National Highways / DIRFT III Unforeseen Highways Impact Fund Jointly funded M1 J18 along A428/A5 to A5 Roundabout Layby Improvements (installation of bollards)

Bill Freeman National Highways Route Manager Update 8th June 2022 – Known to National Highways as 606168 M1 Crick (J18) Interchange Underbridge Protection & 568286 A5 DIRFT Cycle Protection Scheme

✓ Scheme works are still in Detailed Design Phase
✓ Commercial Pricing Phase Target Completion By Beginning of September 2022
✓ Target Construction Dates 10-Oct-22 to 28-Oct-22

National Highways General Counsel has sent draft Legal Agreement documents to Prologis regarding their contribution to the works.

National Highways await a response from Prologis. Prologis David Mellor acknowledged their legal team received the agreement and advised will chase them 5th October 2021.

Action Request: Can Prologis chase this up please?

If this matter is not attended to then this will prejudice delivery of the works.

• National Highways Maintenance Scheme Works 611631 (608302) M1 J18 Crick Waterproofing

National Highways maintenance scheme in pipeline on the M1 main line through J18 to re-waterproof across the structure. It is very early days and National Highways have only just started to assess the options and what needs to be done.

The works are potentially more than a year away in the future possibly September 2023.
Until there is an understanding about what needs to be done, we are unable to advice how these works are to be planned in terms of traffic management & network occupancy. Worst case scenario is that full main line M1 closure(s) will be required for a couple of weekends Friday night through until Saturday morning. This will obviously be very disruptive for motorists and businesses.

Street racing, DIRFT

This is an issue that has arisen for discussion at the West Northamptonshire Council Community Safety Partnership Road Issues Joint Action Group (JAG) meeting

Kevin Fagan, Community Partnerships Manager, Housing and Community, West Northants Council is heavily involved in this matter. I have included a few extracts from the minutes of the last meeting below.

April 2021 –green light from National Highways in principle to for a CCTV unit to be fixed to one of their lamp posts. Check required for compliance with installation specification and a price required; an order will then be raised for the work.

22/06/21 – CCTV will be deployed by CrimeSecure who have sent a quote to Kevin.
25/01/22 – There was no update on the High Court case. Crime Secure tried to install the CCTV unit but did not have the right equipment to enable them to do it. Kevin will find someone else to undertake the work.

There have been no further issues from a Police perspective.

27/04/22 Kevin was quoted £1,000 to install camera, without electrical works; he has asked the company to review this. The decision from the High Court is that injunctions against persons unknown are still allowed, so evidence is now needed; the NPT have been asked for information from the past two years. The focus will remain on DIRFT as evidence for all areas would be needed if an injunction was served across the whole of West Northants.

Date for next JAG Meeting tbc.

• Highways Act 1980 Section 142 Cultivation Licence DIRFT / Prologis
Location: A5 Trunk Road or the A5-M1 link road, DIRFT
Name of Customer: Aaron Hinds, LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT
Customer Contact Details:
• aaron@ah-la.co.uk
• A H Landscape Architects, 25 Victoria Street, Warwick CV34 4JT
27th May 2022 – National Highways provided A H Landscape Architects with a copy of the latest draft of the Licence pursuant to s.142 of the Highways Act 1980 expressing the view that we are nearly there. Awaiting comments/agreement upon the “22.04.25 – S.142 Blank” document;

The clock continues to tick towards the existing Agreement expiring in August. This issue has now been ongoing since December 2021.

Resurfacing scheme on the A5 that covers Kilsby Rbt, Kilsby to A428 main carriageway and A428 rbt (Half Way House)

National Highways maintenance scheme in pipeline on the A5 that covers Kilsby Rbt, Kilsby to A428 main carriageway and A428 rbt (Half Way House). It is very early days and National Highways have only just started to assess the ‘needs’ and the works are 2-3 years in the future.

Aware there will be significant issues when works are undertaken to A428 rbt (Half Way House) because last time National Highways were threatened with legal action from Tesco due to accessibility issues and access restrictions. The situation is even worse now as more distribution units have been installed west of this island and there is only one route to them, which is via the roundabout.

Possible resurfacing the footway along the length the main carriageway, the majority of which is adjacent to the northbound carriageway.

Possible Vodaphone fibre optic cable (ex- Cable & Wireless) that runs along the full length of the verge. Drawings indicate for some reason this was installed between the ditch and footway, which could be the reason why the footway is subsiding.