There have been concerns regarding the Gigaclear works and the reinstatement of verges. Herewith response from Gigaclear:

“I am sorry to hear that you are receiving complaints regarding the reinstatement of the verges.  I have forwarded your concerns onto the Project Manager.

We will reinstate all verges, pathways and roads within 6-months of completion of the build.  All work is completed in accordance and with the guidance of the Highways Authority.

The reinstatement of the verges will be carried out once the better weather arrives – this will usually be in late February/March/April.  Verges will then be top soiled and seeded.  If we reinstate earlier we run the risk of soil and seeds being damaged or washed away in the weather.

If you receive any questions from residents, please do not hesitate to give them the Network Build Care details or 01865 591137.  This is a dedicated team here in Abingdon who can answer any build queries they may have.

Many thanks.

Best regards