Friends of Yelvertoft

Yelvertoft Community Funding Initiative.   ‘Friends of Yelvertoft’

Yelvertoft has access to a many sources of funding available which could enhance and support our community, however each source of funding has its own rules and regulations and many of these are not available for the Parish Council (PC) to apply to.  The route to obtaining this funding is often complex and the PC has asked for help in providing support on these applications. To be clear, although the Funding Initiative is a PC initiative, it will have no link to the PC, takes no direction from the PC, and is a completely independent initiative supporting each organisation separately and possibly several in competition for the funding.  In fact, one of the funders it can apply to for project funding is the PC itself.  The PC will support (under auditable procedures) ”in confidence” if required, any application from any organisation or potential organisation offering your group advice and support; either in a procedural context or if you feel appropriate leading your request on behalf of your group.