DIRFT IV – 3a Spatial Plan – Vision Statement – December 2021

Extract from the July 2022 Parish Council meeting:

The Chairman had submitted a report detailing the outcome of the J18 Liaison Forum held on 16.06.22 and gave the following updates:

  • Pro Logis have claimed that they are having regular consultation with the affected Parishes regarding the DIRFT 3a Spatial Plan but we have not heard from them.
  • Pro Logis have stated that if they do not get planning permission from WNC for the 3A Spatial Plan then they will ask for a development Consent Order from the Secretary of State. There was concern that this shows that Pro Logis have no concern for affected residents whatsoever.
  • The DIRFT IV Vision Statement brochure gives no mention of the effect that it is going to have on Yelvertoft. Yelvertoft is also not mentioned in the list of constraints and that needs changing. The Chairman asked that everyone give their views on the brochure content asap to him and he will report the issues to WNC. The Chairman will obtain a pdf version of the brochure to circulate to all. When Pro Logis were questioned at the J18 meeting on such issues they gave no response.
  • The Rugby Parkway report is now available online, along with other relevant reports.
  • Highways are looking to de-trunk sections of the A5.

To view the Vision Statement please click this link DIRFT IV Vision Statement Dec 2021-compressed