DIRFT extending towards Yelvertoft – Consultation

West Northamptonshire Strategic Plan – Spatial Options Consultation

West Northamptonshire Council is preparing a new Strategic Plan which will cover the period up to 2050.

The Options Consultation is the second stage in preparing the new Plan [after the Issues Consultation], no decisions have been made yet and the purpose of the document is to seek views on a Vision, Spatial Objectives and Development Options at this stage.

WNC have produced a Spatial Options Consultation document which includes a series of questions on which they would like our views. There is also an additional opportunity to put forward ideas for potential development sites through a further ‘call for sites’ exercise.

The Spatial Options Consultation document and background documents including the call for sites form are available on the Strategic Plan consultation website.

The Parish Council have submitted a response which is available below.  We encourage all residents to respond to the consultation. We are also contacting our local District Councillors and MP to support our views.

The consultation period closes at midnight on Monday 6 December 2021. DEADLINE EXTENDED UNTIL 12 NOON ON 24TH DECEMBER. 

We spotted an error in Appendix 3, Availability Assessment, error on line 139 – Yelvertoft.  It states that we have a regular  daily bus service to Towcester. WNC have confirmed that this will be corrected.

You can inspect a hard copy of the Options Consultation document in West Northamptonshire Council’s Offices at Lodge Road, Daventry, The Guildhall, Northampton and all public libraries in West Northamptonshire during normal opening hours.

How to comment:

The easiest way to respond is online via the consultation website.  Word versions of the response forms are also available on the website. Paper copies of response forms are available at the Councils’ offices and public libraries in West Northamptonshire and on request from the Strategic Planning team (email: strategicplan@westnorthants.gov.uk or call 0300 126 1900 [the line is open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday]).

Box 3a (number 21 on the application form) is the section concerning the proposed extension of DIRFT towards Yelvertoft. The Parish Council have completed that section. 

Hard copies of the response forms can be returned by post to: West Northamptonshire Planning Team, The Guildhall, St Giles Square, Northampton, NN1 1DE or electronically to: strategicplan@westnorthants.gov.uk


Number 21, section 3A:

21 Do you agree that spatial option 3a – Land to the East of DIRFT – has the potential to deliver employment development?


No Please provide comments to support your answer. Climate Change

Climate change should be top of the agenda. The large scale and nature of this development in such a rural setting is out of character with the open landscape and would be unacceptably obtrusive with a loss of much habitat, species, flora and fauna, and natural drainage.

Extending any form of development across the current defined boundary would cause an unacceptable impact on the setting of the surrounding agricultural landscape and nearby villages, including Yelvertoft. Existing non-agricultural land uses such as the wind turbines, solar farm, trail bike area and Barby gun club  are all temporary uses where the land could be easily returned to agriculture.

There will be a loss of a lot of agricultural land resulting in an economic impact on existing farm holdings and a reduction in food production at a time when there is a national concern about self-sufficiency and food miles.

The development would displace existing wind turbines and therefore reduce a source of renewable energy.

The development is contrary to the spirit of the local authority’s declaration of a climate emergency and national sustainability objectives and policies.


A significant proportion of the option area is defined by the Environmental Agency on its “Risk of Flooding from Surface Water” map being “ in an area that has a HIGH chance of flooding from surface water. This means that each year, this area has a chance of flooding of greater than 1 in 30 (3.3%).”  Yelvertoft is one of the highest flooding areas in Northants so this land could cause further surface water drainage problems.

Further information on the flood risk should be published.

All new development should be sustainable and not be built in an area with a very high flood problem.


The bridleway is not shown as a weakness in the plan and should be.