Councillor & Clerk Monthly Reports – May 2021

Cllr Cottle’s Report

KGV Field

The Working Group are currently putting together the survey document and will bring this to the PC when completed for approval.

Following the concerns of a resident of Yelvertoft I have received emails from both Fields In Trust and Sports England. I have replied to Fields In Trust and received positive comments on the project and quote “Our Trustees have been sympathetic to flood mitigation schemes and recognise the importance of green spaces in the fight against Climate Change”. I will be speaking to Sports England this week.  We will remain in close contact with both these two National Bodies during the development of the project.

Flood Alleviation on Allotment Field

I attended a site meeting on Monday 26th April 2021 with Peter Bowman of Severn Trent, and Roger Griffiths regarding Natural Flood Management at the Allotment Field. The bottom left-hand corner and ditch running along the bridleway were identified as an ideal area to install some Natural Flood Management and Peter Bowman has given me some advice on the way forward regarding next steps and possible funding opportunities. We will be looking into this and will report back to PC as soon as we are able. We are assured that this will not affect the allotments in any way.

We have agreed an installation plan with the help of two local farmers. Volunteers have cleared the ground and rearranged the area to accommodate the container. As there is a delay of up to eight weeks before delivery it was necessary to reinstall the stock fencing and make it secure before the cattle returned to the field which has now been done. I have purchased and taken delivery of sleepers which will be positioned once the ground has been levelled. Also, a local farmer has agreed to house equipment as soon as we need to vacate the current storage building on a temporary basis until the container has been installed. I have removed all the litter picking equipment from the building and it is now temporarily stored. I am still waiting to hear from the owner of the current building.


We contacted Nick Wedgebrow, Rights of Way Officer at NCC, at the beginning of March and he agreed to do a site visit to check out FP4 for access the following week. I have tried to contact him on many occasions but unfortunately he has failed to return my calls. I will continue to chase him for a response.

Shrubs, Grass and Trees

I am pleased to report that Vaughan Wright has removed the tree stump opposite the Reading Room as instructed.

Tarry’s End

I recognise that we have only obtained two quotations for the resurfacing work in Tarry’s End but I would like to proceed with this as soon as possible.

Cllr Andrews – Allotment Officer’s Report

Current Plotholders

One plotholder gave up their plot in May, however, we welcomed a brand new plotholder shortly afterwards. There are currently 24 confirmed plotholders and 4.5 vacant plots are presently available, although there is capacity to add more on adjacent land if needed.


Last month the communal grassed areas and paths received their first cut of the year. We are currently exploring some further, long-term improvements to the site, including a general tidy-up and removal of bulk waste, as well as the renovation of the bonfire area. In particular, we are intending to stop using the communal bonfire, level it out, cover it with top soil (if needed) and plant it with grass seed. Combined with our other recent improvements, it will create a more attractive entrance into the allotment and avoid the bonfire impacting neighbouring plot-holders and the adjacent horse-field. Plotholders will remain free to burn or compost green waste on their own plots. Plot holders have been consulted on this improvement, and all of those that have responded to-date are supportive of renovating the area in some form.

Cllr Bolton’s report

Street Lighting


  • This remains with E.ON. with an open-ended agreement.
  • Contact made with E.ON regarding costs. Current invoice is incorrect as this was based on old lights. New invoice to be sent
  • Annual maintenance costs should be considerably lower


  • Northants highways
  • meeting held on 4th May in Yelvertoft with new Northants Highways Community Liaison Officer (Helen Howard). Councillor Mercer was also in attendance
  • Ms Howard also met with the school bursar to discuss road safety (speed signs) and school markings. Ms Howard will be getting back to me with details of potential signs and solutions
  • Looked at potholes and actions required
  • Potholes continue to be a problem in most areas of the village. Residents should be encouraged to report these through the YPC website or directly through Fix My Street
  • Crick Road//High Street junction.
    – re-instatement work has now been carried out to the satisfaction of affected resident.
  • Solar Farm/Lightrock – contact made.
  • They are currently tendering for a main contractor and they hope to appoint in early May 2021.
  • Once the contractor has been selected preparatory plans will be drawn up for traffic management and planting schemes.
  • Initial site work is planned to commence in September/October with the bulk of work taking place in 2022.
  • The target completion date is June/July 2022. A catch up with Lightrock and the contractor is planned for May.  Councillor Cottle has expressed interest in attending this meeting from an environmental aspect

It is recommended that Councillor Bolton attend this meeting with other interested Councillors

Speed road signs

  • mail sent to all Councillors to gain an understanding of requirements
  • see meeting with Northants Highways above
  • Whiterock Homes (Hillmorton Lane development)
  • Awaiting planning confirmation

Neighbourhood Watch

  • The PC NHW group is being re-constituted after recent resignations from the Council
  • The YPC webpage has been updated
  • Councillor Mercer has agreed to be the co-ordinator for the group. He has also agreed and signed up to be the Police Liaison Representative
  • Councillors Bolton and Mercer to meet as soon as possible to agree plans for the future of the group and actions to be taken.

Cllr Mercer’s Report

As some of you may know there was a PLR meeting with NCALC (Northampton County Association of Local Councils) on the 22ndof April with 112 attendees which was most of the Parish councils in the County and others from further afield. It was suggested at the meeting that it would useful for PLRs to know how to get in touch with each other, particularly within Local Police Beats and across the border between Local Police Beats.  Basically, this means that we can get information about local crime to local folks more quickly.  We have had to give our consent that each PLR is happy to share email addresses so that we can contact one another and maybe set up local whatsapp  groups.  This has now been done and so I can now contact PLRs in Crick, Cold Ashby and all our nearest villages and hamlets etc etc. We also expect to have details of all the police personnel assigned to local police beats which is also very useful.

Clerk’s Report

  • I have completed the year end accounts. The internal auditor has been contacted and motions on the agenda to approve the accounts/audit. The 2021/22 Budget has also been updated and on the agenda for review. The VAT reclaim has also been processed.
  • The cemetery works have been carried out and lots of positive comments received which is great – cremated remains area on the right now has kerb stones, gravel, and the plaques levelled. It looks fantastic and matches the Rose Garden. The bin surround has been done which hides the ugly bins but the contractor was asked to put doors on it so we can hide the bins completely. This was not done so the contractor has been asked to return and do this. The ground needs levelling so that the bins can be pulled in and out easily. I propose that we approve the invoice for payment at this meeting but I hold back the bin surround payment until it has been completed.
  • Julie discovered what looks like dumping of human waste at Tarrys End. This has been reported to Environmental Health and Highways but we are struggling to get a response.
  • Waste was found in the brook out of the bottom of Tarrys End in the field by Julie. We suspect a local farmer so they have been contacted. Severn Trent also inspected but denied it was their responsibility.
  • I have completed the risk assessment and given consideration to f2f meetings safety. Councillors have been emailed with details.