Councillor & Clerk Monthly Reports – July 2021

Cllr Julie Cottle Report

Tree Works

The Mountain Ash in School Lane and the False Acacias in Brookside Close have been removed.  The stumps will be ground down and dressed with top soil.  Grass seed will be applied to all three in due course.

I have looked at the trees in Tarrys End as required by our tree survey and can report that all the trees appear to be healthy. I will continue to monitor them.

Tarrys End

I am in discussion with the contractor and still waiting to get the resurfacing work underway.

KGV Field

Survey is ready for printing.


There was a leak in the canal which flooded down the Crick Bridleway.  I contacted CRT to report this immediately and it has been temporarily fixed.  I am liaising with CRT who will let me know when a permanent fix will be completed.

There is a need to raise the profile of the flooding problems in Yelvertoft.  Several residents have asked me what actions the Parish Council is taking to resolve the flooding situation. The Parish Council Flood Team should meet to formulate a response to the residents.  We should also be pressurising all the authorities on the actions they are taking to resolve Yelvertoft’s flooding problems.


Having received complaints about FP8, I have cleared and trimmed the grass and hedge concerned.  This is an area where volunteers would be particularly useful.

After receiving a complaint last month about FP8, I am pleased to report that a farmer has removed the manure heap and laid hardcore down to make the gateway easily passable.

FP15 Wards Lane to The Old Rectory is overgrown and requires clearing.

I have responded to WNC advertisement for Parish Path Warden for Yelvertoft.  Apparently, I will get training and support to carry out this role if successful.


Waiting for a delivery date on the new container.

Volunteers in the Village

I have become very aware recently of the excellent work our current volunteers are doing.  With the increase in growth of grass and hedgerows etc. the work has become demanding, so we are grateful of their support.

We need to officially thank John Nichols for mowing and keeping the KGV Field and Allotment Field tidy, Mr Sam Jarvis for the excellent work on tidying the Diamond Jubilee Garden recently.  We also need to thank Laurie Tedcastle and David McCullum for their continued hard work in the Cemetery and surrounding areas.  They do an amazing job whilst saving the Parish Council considerable revenue.

Cllr Chris Bolton Report

Street Lighting


  • Successfully negotiated a refund on street light maintenance. The amount is to be confirmed
  • Report that a light on Ward’s Lane is obscured by tree foliage. Requires attention – working with Clerk to resolve.


Speed Signs

  • Met with representative of Road Safety team to discuss speed signs. Proposal/motion in progress.


  • There has been significant pot hole work both in the village and surrounding areas (eg Lilbourne). However, potholes will remain an issue for the future.  Residents need to continue to be reminded to report problems through the YPC website or directly through Fix My Street


  • Railings – the railings opposite the school were damaged by a delivery van reversing into them. Northants Highways have removed the damaged parts and put tape round.  Estimated time for full repair is up to 6 months.  The school has been informed.
  • Work has started on the electronic gate for the bridleway at the end of Hillmorton Lane.

Solar farm

Positive meeting held on solar farm – 2nd June.  There are a number of companies involved in the development with Lightrock seemingly a sub-contractor for the application.  The main investor and ultimate owner is Bluefield.  The meeting was with a Bluefield Investment Associate and their Head of Engineering.  No construction company had been appointed at the time of our meeting.  It was however anticipated that ‘enabling works’ (fences etc) would take place this year with actual construction starting in 2022 and lasting for c6 months.

It was agreed that a further meeting would take place once the construction company had been appointed to enable discussions on traffic management and potential highway damage and any other concerns (eg flooding, environment).  It was also agreed that community liaison was essential in order to address and alleviate any resident anxieties.

The £10k Community Fund was also discussed and Bluefield will report back on this.

A follow up email has been sent (26/06/210 to request an update)

  • Whiterock Homes (Hillmorton Lane development)
  • Awaiting planning confirmation

Cllr Nigel Mercer Report

Neighbourhood Watch and PLR report

This month there were quite a few break ins and burglaries that got shared to the village noticeboard.

We also now know who our Police Community Support Officer is (PCSO) and I am making contact with him this week. PCSO 7065 Craig Egdell, Neighbourhood Policing Team, Daventry Rural Officer.

I have also now contacted PLRs and NW folks in the nearby villages, to gauge interest in forming a WhatsApp group for locally disseminating information that is particularly relevant to our area.  So far, positive responses, so I’ll be forming the WhatsApp group very soon.  I’ll invite PC Craig Egdell to join as well.

We have been offered new NW signs to put up in the village.  After a walk around I think our existing ones seem to be in good condition but I think that there a few extra places that we could put some.

Clerk’s Report


Cemetery ashes sign

I am having no joy with getting the sign back of the old contractor.  I will persevere.

Cemetery Headstone Complaint

I contacted the next of kin regarding an unsafe headstone.  She asked that the PC get it secured and invoice her, which I did.  We now have the son denying any liability.  I am dealing with this.

Cemetery headstone inspection training

It is best practice that the Burial Officer plus one other is trained in headstone inspections.  The recommended training is with BRAAM.  I have contacted them for training details and costs but to date cannot get a response.


I have attended many free webinars this month:

  • HMRC – Payroll expenses and benefits
  • Northampton Virtual Funding Fayre:
  • Rural Support Services and Village Hall Advice
  • Tesco Community Grants and SEMLEP Community Grants
  • Lloyds Bank Foundation
  • Office of Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner
  • The National Lottery Community Fund
  • Children in Need
  • Central Coop and Coop group


The 2020/21 audit documentation has been submitted to the external auditor and published on our website.


The previous contractor will just not respond to me. As stated above, he is holding the Cemetery ashes sign, along with the bridleway no vehicles sign.  I will continue different ways to resolve this.

The new contractor is not interested in small ground maintenance work.  I have made a proposal to solve this with a new contractor on this agenda as we have many outstanding jobs that need doing.


There has been some teething problems with Norse not cutting all the areas they should but Julie kindly took photos and I have been liaising with Norse who came out straight away and rectified the issues.  Going forwards they are now a lot clearer on what/where we cut so there should be no more problems.