Council Reports March 2021

Allotment Officer’s Report, March 2021

Current Plotholders

Two local residents have given up their plots for 2021, however we have since welcomed two new plotholders to the site. There are currently 23 confirmed plotholders and 4.5 vacant plots are presently available, although there is capacity to add more on adjacent land if needed.  There has been regular communication with plotholders in recent weeks, as we have updated our allotment records, secured outstanding rental payments and kept everyone informed about maintenance activities at the site.

Maintenance and security

A number of maintenance jobs have recently been undertaken at the allotment site.  A new gate has been installed and a new hardstanding surface has been laid at the entrance point. We have also addressed some issues with the culvert beneath the entrance.  Now that we have a new gate, it is important to ensure that the site is made secure. We will be adding a padlock to the chain that is currently around the gates and providing the combination code to plotholders only.

Water supply

In March we will be turning the water supply back on, having turned it off for the winter period as usual.

Councillor Nichols Report 

This month I have ordered the Rose bushes for the Cemetery and they arrived today. They should be by the weekend.  I will be looking for some ground cover plants to cheer the plot up as it will take a while for the roses to become established.

The grant for the storage building was sadly turned down and there is no appeal process. I have forwarded all emails regarding this to the rest of the council.

Clerk Report 

Village Planters / Diamond Jubilee Garden

I asked for volunteers to maintain the village sign planters – one opposite the Village Hall and one opposite the Cemetery.  The idea was they had all year round bloom but they have looked very dreary for a while.  Tricia Davis has volunteered so I am liaising with her.

We also need someone to maintain the Diamond Jubilee Garden as again it is dreary.  I have asked Tricia if she would like to maintain that too.

Maintenance Contractor

I met with the new maintenance contractor and we went round looking at the outstanding jobs in the village.  He is a lovely guy, very willing, very reliable.  I asked him to quote for individual jobs, especially the larger jobs, to ensure we keep to budget.  His quotes came in over budget.  I told him we would use another contractor instead so he has now agreed to do the jobs to our budget.  He can also carry them out next week so we can get the work done and invoiced in this financial year, as per the budget.  He will be working on extending the cemetery path and gravelling the cremated remains area, erecting a wheelie bin storage shelter at the cemetery.  He may also do the grass block in School Close – he is investigating this.  I have asked him to quote for jet washing the cemetery path too.   He is not keen on doing small gardening jobs so we need to look for another contractor.  For the timebeing I will see how it goes and any jobs that need doing I will get 3 quotes and bring to Council for decision.


  • Cemetery ashes sign to be erected in the cemetery. Place on left on grass as you go through the gate into the cemetery.
  • Shelter to be built/bought for bins at cemetery. C2C doing.
  • Maintain village planters – ongoing.  There is a planter at the Village hall end of the village on the verge on the left as you go out of Yelvertoft, and another on the left verge opposite the cemetery.  They have Yelvertoft on and a planter.  Please keep these planted up with nice flowers. VOLUNTEER now doing.
  • Maintain Diamond Jubilee Garden – ongoing.  Corner of Elkington Road and High Street on left.  A diamond little garden that needs to have nice flowers all year round – bulbs are ok too. VOLUNTEER NEEDED, OR CONTRACTOR
  • Maintain Millenium garden – ongoing. On the war memorial green on the left is a stone and a little garden with bushes.  Please ensure this is kept nice. VOLUNTEER NEEDED, OR CONTRACTOR
  • Clean any road signs that need it (possibly re-painting needed too).
  • Jet wash cemetery path.
  • To lay grass block in School Close. On agenda for decision.
  • Allotment works – cutting hedges, tidying, removing bonfire etc.  Iain arranging.
  • Removal of tree stump on green left of the old Post Office. Julie asked Vaughan Wright to do at £150 – waiting for a response from him.
  • Extension of gravel path from Rose Garden along cremated remains area by hedge. Should be done this week.
  • Levelling of graves in cemetery.
  • Level and seed the verge outside the Rag factory. Not sure now – waiting for environment group to advise as talk of leaving it / wildflowers.


All unsafe headstones have now been re-erected / secured.

SLCC Annual Virtual Conference

I attended the 3-day conference participating in 3-5 webinars a day.  I did obtain a few useful contacts / information which I will be following up on.

Solar Farm

Spoke to Lightrock and asked them for an Agreement for the £10k fund, and the requirements of it.  Awaiting.