Affordable Housing – Proposed new development in Yelvertoft

A representative from Daventry District Council (DDC) and a representative from Northants Housing Association (NHA) confirmed that following the housing needs survey carried out earlier in the year, there is a need for affordable housing.  A plot of land at the top of Hillmorton Lane has been identified for four bungalows and five houses.  Five of the properties will remain affordable in perpetuity. There will be a mix of rented, shared ownership, and market housing. This will be a rural exception site but will not set a precedent for future development outside of the village boundary. The Parish Council can be involved at all stages of the development.

The Parish Council have advised that they would prefer not to have responsibility for further street lighting.  NHA confirmed that there are alternatives such as PIR lighting.  There may be a need for a new street light at the top of Hillmorton Lane.

NHA confirmed that the properties will be eco e.g. airsource heat pumps.  Solar panels can be considered.

NHA confirmed that the properties will meet national standards e.g. larger properties, bungalows having wet rooms.

Update from the April Parish Council meeting where the application was discussed

IT WAS RESOLVED to respond to WNC with the following observations:

  • The gardens are very small.
  • Flooding is a concern as there will be a loss of deep ridge and furrow which helps hold back water, the flooding plans are not convincing enough to confirm that the development will not increase the severe flooding in the village, the development is on the high point with the low point being Crick Road which is the main area for floods. Permeable paths are needed.
  • There is concern the balancing pond is not sufficient to hold back flood waters.
  • The houses are very close to the road/hedge line.
  • Hillmorton Lane road surface must be considered and made good following the build.
  • Construction traffic to be kept to outside rush hour/school traffic.
  • Construction noise and dust to be kept to a minimum.
  • There should be extensive landscaping with trees and shrubs.
  • An archaeology survey is required.
  • Priority for the housing must be given to Yelvertoft residents, or those with a local connection.
  • There are several errors within the plans e.g. we do not have a Post Office, we do not have a pub/restaurant, we do not have a community bus, there are 375 houses in Yelvertoft and not 652 as stated.


TAA108 – 012 – Rev D – Proposed Site Plan

Elevations & Floor Plans Yelvertoft

The planning application can be found on the Daventry Council website