£3,000 distributed in Yelvertoft


The Yelvertoft Educational Charity – The owner of the Reading Room, has in accordance with its Trust, managed this year to be able to donate to the Educational groups in the village a total of £3,000.

This is despite the fact that the Reading Room has been closed since March because of Covid-19 restrictions, with very little income from that, but thanks to wise placement of funds over the years in Charitable Investments which has kept us going.

Those who benefitted this year are: The Primary School, The Pre School, Shepherd’s Delight (Church PCC), The Youth Club and All Saints Sunday School.

Thanks here also to the Trustees who work quietly and voluntarily in the background to make sure that the village can continue to benefit from such a worthy establishment.

We will let everyone know when we are able to open the Room again, hopefully not too far away now, and it will have had a coat of paint since you all last saw it.

Geoff Holmes
Treasurer – YEC.