Yelvertoft Neighbourhood Watch – WhatsApp Crime Alert Group

Welcome to Yelvertoft Neighbourhood Watch – WhatsApp Crime Alert Group

What is it?

The Parish Council have started a WhatsApp group intended to be used by villagers to alert the community to urgent crime issues such as;

● Crimes in Progress
● Suspicious behaviour (non Covid related)
● Cry for help
● Suspicious vehicles
● To pass on reports from elsewhere

Important – You must still report serious crime to the police and get a crime number – you should then share this number with the group.

What is it not?

The group is not for moaning, chatting, gossip, reporting neighbours or parking issues It must be kept clear for important alerts.

The Parish Council will remove any group member who misuses the system.

What about my privacy

WhatsApp requires you to download the app to your mobile phone. Your telephone number will be visible to all other members however your name or any other info will only be visible to people who already have you in their phone contacts.

How do I join

First download the WhatsApp application from your App Store onto your phone.  It looks like this:


Then follow the instructions to sign up and set up alerts in your phone settings.

To Join the group follow this link on your phone or scan this QR code with your camera:

nhw whatsapp qcode