Northamptonshire Police – Facebook Live Session

Northamptonshire Police’s Chief Constable – Nick Adderley, will be hosting a live Q&A session on Facebook on Tuesday, August 9.

The session has been organised to mark four years since Nick joined the Force and is an opportunity for the people of Northamptonshire to put their questions to him.

Facebook Live Q&As were first introduced at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic with Nick joined by two superintendents every week, for more than three months, to answer questions, ease concerns and reassure the public during a time of worry and uncertainty.

Since then, the Q&As have branched out to cover a variety of topics as well as special one-off sessions for children where questions have ranged from the asking of advice on how to become a police officer to one four-year-old child asking why the Force don’t have police crocodiles.

Now, to mark his fourth year in the job, Nick will be hosting a session in which the public are invited to ask him all manner of questions – whether that be what his vision is for the coming years in Northamptonshire, to questions about his career or what he does in his spare time.

Children and young people are also more than welcome to submit questions via their parents/carers if they would like to ask Nick a question.

In May, Nick announced the four crime types Northamptonshire Police will be focusing on over the next three years. They were – violence against women and girls, drug harm, serious and organised crime and serious violence. People are also welcome to ask him questions on these topics too.

Chief Constable Nick Adderley, said: “Our live Facebook Q&As have proven popular with the public because they’re not scripted.

“We don’t know what questions are coming, it’s not polished PR, and our local communities in Northamptonshire have really appreciated this.

“As a Chief Constable, I want the public we serve to feel that I am approachable, accessible and willing to answer their questions directly. Akin to many of the sessions I have taken part in, I am sure some of the questions will be difficult but people in this county deserve that interaction and those answers.

“I look forward to answering as many questions as I can during the session and people who can’t make it live are invited to pre-submit their questions to our communications team by emailing”

The session will be held on Facebook on Tuesday, August 9, at 5pm.