Yelvertoft Cemetery

Any person who is, or has been, as permanent resident in Yelvertoft Parish may choose the cemetery as their final resting place.

Burial, if chosen, either in advance or by bereaved relatives, is available mostly in single plots.  Unfortunately, there is a water table under the yet unused part of the cemetery.  This problem restricts the digging of double depth graves as they are most likely to fill with water.  Unfortunately, it is not possible until the grave is dug to know whether this problem will occur. Consequently, it has been decided not to double dig.  It is advisable that those who wish to be buried close to loved ones reserve single plots next to each other.

Those persons who prefer cremation can choose to have the cremated remains (ashes) either buried in a designated smaller plot, marked with a small headstone or plaque, or in an existing reserved grave.  Alternatively, ashes may be scattered on the Rose Garden.  The granite memorial stones surrounding the Rose Garden can be engraved in memory of a loved one whose ashes are scattered there.  If ashes are scattered or buried in the cemetery it is a legal requirement that this is recorded by the Parish Council so you must contact them before scattering any ashes.

There are a number of cremated remains buried along the hedgerow on the right hand side of the cemetery as you enter through the gate.  It is planned to edge this area with kerb stones and with an edged pathway to join with the Rose Garden.

Anyone wishing to reserve a plot, either for burial or cremated remains, should contact the Burial Officer or Assistant Burial Officer.

Burial Officer, Samantha Haywood, 07305 801095.

Assistant Burial Officer, Vivien Twort, Tel: 823827.

Vivien Twort, Assistant Burial Officer for Yelvertoft Cemetery